Our Nature Story


Our nature story is a story of how we went from a little idea to a real business. My wife and I started taking nature photographs many, many years ago. We loved the outdoors and went when we could, but life gets in the way raising children. It has only been in the last few years that we have been able to take our nature photography and do something with it.

The Idea for Our Nature Stickers Business


Having been a professional photographer for many years in the portrait and commercial photography world, I was very familiar with cameras, techniques and how to produce sellable photographs. But the idea of making and selling stickers didn’t really come about until we had collected thousands of nature photos, and I was left wondering what to do with them. Eventually, we decided that stickers would be the most accessible and affordable way to get them out to people. Although, we plan on offering prints at some point as well.

Our Process


When thinking about how to produce stickers, we start with beautiful, high resolution images, and then we print them with a professional 8-color Canon printer for the best quality. Most sticker shops use 4-color printers which we tried, but the difference in quality was obvious. We then apply a UV protection laminate to each sticker that we use and heat seal it on to the sticker. This makes our stickers about as waterproof as you can get, short of going to pigment ink, which would have driven up the cost to far. We think you will find our stickers are of the highest quality, and each one of our nature stickers are handmade for you.


More Info About Our Nature Blog


Even though we are just getting started in blogging, this blog will aim to bring interesting posts about nature subjects, and in-depth articles on how to photograph different types of nature subjects, from eagles to mushrooms to waterfalls. We hope you enjoy our content and if you have an idea for any particular type of “How To” blog or other information, please let us know through our Contact Us page.

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